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Young Adult Ministry of Lake County is a grassroots organization formed by like-minded young adults seeking to share their love of God with others. Our members mostly come from the many Catholic parishes scattered throughout the Lake County, Illinois area. We receive guidance and support from His Excellency, The Most Reverend George J. Rassas of the Chicago Archdiocese.

Anthony Lee
Mar 31, 2017

Group Spiritual Journal for Lectio: Prayer (03/30/17)



For tonight, we reviewed Session 1 of the Lectio: Prayer series. Some of the major themes about this session include the following:


1) When prayer is done right, it should be an intimate encounter with God. You don't need to be St. Francis or St. Anthony of the Desert to have that encounter. Anyone within the graces of God can have a very real experience with God that allows you to listen to him and converse with him.


2) Prayer may seem dry, or more like a chore. This experience can be reinforced if one feels as if they are talking to themselves. Dr. Tim Gray calls it a "monologue."


3) God speaks to you through the scriptures. The way the saints spoke to God was not through a monologue, but by absorbing his words through the scriptures. In prayer, it is God that is supposed to initiate the conversation. Prayer is God's thirst for us (CC 2560). To allow God to initiate this conversation, tolle lege (i.e. "take and read").


After a group discussion, we attempted "lectio" (a reading), which is actually only the first step of Lectio Divina. We heard Acts 2:1-4, and discussed as a group what each verse meant, which serves as "meditatio," or meditation. In our group meditatio, we discussed how the Holy Spirit had brought us together as a group, has provided us with different talents, abilities, and charisms, and that the differences that would normally separate us are eliminated through the Holy Spirit. As a group, we discerned that God was telling us that it was he that brought us together, has helped us overcome the obstacles that would normally separate us, that we need each other's abilities to act on behalf of God, and that we are called to spread God's word.